Sport Injuries


It’s good to be active. Participating in exercise in any shape or form has numerous
health benefits for body, mind and spirit! But unfortunately, exercise can also lead to
injury at some point and at Celtic Podiatry we understand how frustrating
that can be. Whether you need to get back to activity for your mental health, because you’re training for a 5k or a marathon or because your team NEEDS you, we are here to get you back in action as quickly as possible.



Strains, sprains, muscle tears and tendinitis. We’ve seen it all! Whether your injury is acute or chronic we can help you get back to the activities you love. We will carry out a full assessment to make sure we understand your injury and can give the best advice and treatment plan.


Depending on what we find, we may:

  • give you an exercise plan to do at home to help rebuild your strength
  • advise ways that you can modify activity to protect injured tissues while they recover
  • give advice on your footwear
  • do some taping to support your muscles (we’ll show you how to do this for yourself too!)
  • plan your return to activity so you can avoid further injury
  • prescribe some orthotics/insoles
  • use our MLS laser to speed up the healing process


Laser therapy can be a great addition to the treatment plan in the case of acute or chronic soft tissue problems. It can help to quickly reduce swelling, reduce inflammation, reduce pain and encourage your body’s own natural healing process. It’s completely painless and could help to get you fighting fit again in the quickest possible time frame.


If you are struggling with injury and are interested in how we could help you, please get in touch and we can have a chat


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