At Celtic Podiatry we provide the best possible packages of care for your foot, ankle & lower limb pain including

  • Routine Podiatry (still called Chiropody too!) nail cutting, corns & hard skin
  • Verrucae treatments including Needling under local anaesthesia
  • Nail Surgery. Partial & Total nail removal with chemical ablation under local anaesthesia
  • Fungal nail treatments including fenestration (Lacuna Method)
  • Laser. MLS Class IV Laser Therapy. Reduces pain & inflammation, oedema & wound healing. Painless management of chronic & acute pain such as
  1. Plantar Fasciitis
  2. Achilles Tendonopathy
  3. Knee pain
  4. Hip pain
  5. Bursitis
  6. Muscular tears, strains & bruises
  7. Arthritis
  8. Ankle sprains
  9. Ulcerations & wounds
  • Foot Mobilisation - a manual therapeutic technique (hands-on therapy) targeting restrictions in the joints to restore & improve the range of motion. Improving joint mobility = less pain and more movement. Excellent for painful feet


  •  Acupuncture - Western Medical Acupuncture. used for pain reduction and painful trigger points in the lower limb.
  • Taping - rigid & sports taping. Techniques to offload, support & help rehabilitate a painful area of the foot, ankle & lower limb.
  • Footbalance Insoles. A free personalised foot analysis offered at our in-store insole centre and custom insoles moulded directly to your feet in minutes. Footbalance custom insoles are designed to fit all types of footwear including sports specific 100% Balance, 100% Impact and leather for narrower dress shoes. 
  • Joya Footwear - Our in-store shoe store offers the best in Swiss footwear engineering. Probably the most comfortable footwear in the world and perfect for encouraging active walking, promoting healthy posture & providing relief to joints preventing & reducing pain. We stock many styles in-store so you can try them on & many more online click & collect or direct to your home.
  • Foot & Ankle Strengthening Exercises - This is a staple. As a part of a rehabilitation programme or a preventative for foundation strength we have teamed up with Plantar Pad - a fascia tissue strength training device.      Evidence based, this simple but effective affordable device accompanied by a workout rehab programme is used all over the world for strengthening the foot and lower limb. Especially useful for diagnosed Plantar Fasciitis & calf pain. Sold in-store & here on our online store.  

Our in-store retail department also offers a range of foot care products including foot creams and files, fungal nail and skin products, Dr Remedy nail varnish, OS1st foot & ankle compression supports, toe props and friction sleeves, bunion socks, Limpeeze 1st Aid kits for feet, Plantar Pad exercise training device and loads more!
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