FootBalance at Celtic Podiatry

Here at Carmarthen Foot & Ankle Clinic we are excited to launch our first FootBalance computer aided analysis system.

FootBalances’ innovative 100% custom made insoles bring you the benefits of custom orthotic insoles at an affordable price.

What is your foot type? Do you overpronate? What kind of arch do you have? The Footbalance analysis is designed to answer these questions and will help you learn more about how your feet affect your overall well-being.

FootBalance Medical provides a reliable, fast and affordable method for conducting individual analyses of the lower limbs and for preparing custom-molded insoles.

The innovative molding method allows us to quickly and correctly mold insoles directly from your feet, without time consuming casting. Fit can be verified and adjusted on-the-spot.

The dynamic core in FootBalance insoles returns feedback to keep foot muscles active. The insoles enhance, rather than impede, foot function for better patient care.

Different levels of core rigidity and top cushioning are available, along with a range of wedges, postings and reinforcements for extra bracing, control or angle correction. These options allow us to quickly and accurately craft insoles to meet your individual needs.

Thanks to our rapid molding method, reducing the degree of support as symptoms subside is easy and affordable.

With FootBalance you can simply and quickly make new, progressively less rigid insoles as needed. So what are you waiting for book an appointment today!